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XOXO WiFi it's a private, secure mobile hotspot which gives you unlimited  Internet
access wherever and whenever you want.

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  • Unlimited Internet

    Go on the Internet as much as you want.

  • No more roaming

    Avoid costly roaming charges in an intelligent manner.

  • Stay in touch

    Share your trip experience in real time on social networking sites.

  • Secure & private

    Total control with a WPA2 encrypted password.

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We cover over 130 countries

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Unlimited WiFi

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  • South Africa trip - XOXO WiFi
    I used XOXO WiFi for my South Africa trip and loved it! We connected two smartphones and it worked perfectly fine for our entire holiday....

    South Africa trip

  • Martina - Thailand - XOXO WiFi
    Very good range, quality of customer service is OUTSTANDING. We had five devices connected to Xoxo and it worked well. Just one device can be used in few different countries. It's valuable traveller's gadget.

    Martina - Thailand

  • I used XOXO WiFi device in Oman. - XOXO WiFi
    We were cycling, so most of our time we spent outside the cities and in the desert. We had also local SIM card which not always worked, but XOXO WiFi always was able to connect us to internet. Thanks to that we were always able to send the message to our friends in case something happend.

    I used XOXO WiFi device in Oman.

  • Greate service in USA, Canada and Mexico! - XOXO WiFi
    XOXO WiFi performed very well throughout the 30 day trip. Every now and then there were problems with access to the Internet, but this was more due to the poor range of operators (desert areas)...

    Greate service in USA, Canada and Mexico!

  • Greate to be honest - Trip Europe - XOXO WiFi
    Very well working mifi. Used it during my trip to Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Romania). With one device I stayed connected in four countries. Good Internet quality, didn't have any problems. I can recommend it for every traveller :)

    Greate to be honest - Trip Europe

  • 100% recommended for Digital Nomads! - XOXO WiFi

    100% recommended for Digital Nomads!

  • Loved using XOXO WiFi in South Africa. - XOXO WiFi
    I had WiFi for most of the time. It was really nice to post some photos on Instagram while traveling, but also for checking our email and so on. Really recommend the use of the XOXO WiFi!

    Loved using XOXO WiFi in South Africa.

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